Questions and Answers

Where are you located?

447085 10th Concession in Grey Highlands. We are close to the eastern shore of Lake Eugenia. That is 15 minutes north-east of Flesherton.

We are two hours north of Toronto.

We are 1/2 hour south of Thornbury, Collingwood, and Blue Mountain Village.


latitude       44.332682

longitude  -80.469284

The coordinates above will get you to the right address!

Google Maps is not accurate but it will get you close.

How do I find out about upcoming events?

There are two ways of staying connected. Sign up for our regular newsletters or regularly visit our events page.

What is the cost?

Cost varies, the typical price per person is $40 for the 3-hour paint party or lesson. Larger groups get a discounted price. Where a meal is included the price may be higher. A package including a retreat or yoga or other added feature will also add to the price. Check what is offered!

I don't live in the area. Where Can I Stay?

You can stay here in our Air BnB room! Google: "Comfort in Eugenia."

Other Places To Stay Nearby: Guest House at Eugenia Falls, Cedars of EugeniaLeela's  Villa Inn or check out "Stay in Grey"

How do I host a Palette Play Paint Party?

First, we would need to agree on a date and a subject to paint. I would then organize all the materials. You provide any beverages or food.

I will arrive a half hour before your start time to set up.

$200 for the first 5 and $30 per person for any additional people in your group. Of course, you can split the costs among your group members.

Flesherton, Eugenia, Singhampton, Collingwood, Priceville, Markdale, Stayner, Dundalk, and Thornbury are all within the base price.

A $20 additional charge for farther distances will apply.

Can I choose a subject for a Palette Play event?

Yes, any subject can be chosen! You can send me an image or idea and I will create a version that your group will be able to paint.

What paints do you use?

All Palette Play events use acrylic paint. They clean up well and there is no odour. They dry quickly allowing you to paint on top of previous layers. This feature allows flexibility when developing your composition. The fast drying aspect also allows you to take your painting home with little danger of messing up your car or home. Oil painting lessons are available at the studio!

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