Latest Schedule – June 2019

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Life Drawing at Wildwood

Traditional life drawing takes place on Saturday Afternoons. The models pose in short poses of one or two minutes and then gradually poses are increased in duration to 20 minutes. Artists work independently although you may purchase materials and arrange for a lesson.


Monday Morning Drawing - 10 week course on how to draw anything and everything.

This is a beginner's course but would be great to get you back in gear if you are out of practise or are missing some fundamentals.

All materials are included for $30 per day 3-hours

Package price $250, 10 weeks.

Tuesdays -Landscape Painting 10-week course

Learn the secrets of successful landscape painting over 10 lessons, one per week. These lessons are in small group or individual basis.

You will explore watercolour and acrylic painting media and study how to build space using aerial perspective and linear perspective.

All materials are included. 10, 3-hour lessons, $250

Wednesday morning 9 - 12

Linocut Printmaking - contact for information

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